Dear Customer,

In December 2018, Broadlink became a wholly owned subsidiary of Rain (Rain Holdings (Pty) Limited). After a thorough examination of the Broadlink business and the identification of the
synergies that exist between the two business we are now in a position where we will begin transitioning certain functions from Broadlink into Rain.

Specifically, this next phase involves the consolidation of network resources and assets. This will include operations helpdesk (CSC), Network operations Centre (NOC), transmission, radio
access and CORE. These functions will be incorporated into rain’s next generation connectivity ecosystem.

This move brings with it many advantages to you, the customer, including infrastructure improvement, better operational efficiencies, network intelligence and customer service.

In order to improve the process of transition we have put in place a ‘network freeze’ that will see the temporary suspension of all new services being deployed. Rest assured we will
continue the ongoing support of your existing Metronet, WDSL, Fibre, Voice and Value-added services and you will be notified when the ‘freeze’ is coming to an end.

I hope that initially you will see no disruption in the service offered from Broadlink. Means of contacting us will remain unchanged across all functions and your account or
change manager will continue to be on-hand to help you with any concerns, queries or general information.

Moving forward we may see more functions being transitioned to Rain and I will keep you informed of these developments at the appropriate time.

Owen Rodgers

Interim CEO