Dear Client,


Welcome to the first in a series of ongoing communiques regarding the technology migration of 3.6GHz wireless connectivity services we currently provide to you.

The 3.6GHz wireless network has been providing reliable, convenient and cost-effective connectivity solutions to customers across South Africa for many years. Over the last 9 months we have been gradually migrating these links to alternative Broadlink Metronet wireless solutions. The time has come to accelerate this migration process and put an end to the current 3.6Ghz service
offering and fully embrace the modern technologies we now have available.

As we enter this final phase of our project, we will work closely with you to finalise the migration plan which best suits your commercial and operational requirements whilst also minimising any disruption caused.

The clear majority of existing 3.6Ghz links will be replaced with an alternative, superior Metronet service where we have added new coverage and availability as part of our network expansion and upgrade. In circumstances where a Metronet service cannot be provided, a suitable alternative will be provided.

To manage this process effectively a service delivery manager (SDM) will be assigned to you to assist with the migration plan. This individual will work closely with your planning and product teams as required.

We will make you aware of any commercial offers that are associated with this technology upgrade in due course and your account manager or SDM will discuss these with you at the appropriate time.

Your account manager will be in contact with you shortly; however, should you have any queries on this initiative feel free to contact us on the following numbers:

Customers services on +27 87 727 0911 (24 hours).

Head office on +27 87 727 0000.

Yours sincerely,
Owen Rodgers