The Ernie Els Centre for Autism provides families of children on the autism spectrum with comprehensive training on how to use best practices in education and autism treatment to teach their child. All participants receive free access to an online treatment tool called Rethink Autism as well as monthly group and one-on-one sessions with a trained facilitator.

It is estimated that one child every hour is born with autism in South Africa. Less than .001% of these children will receive access to beneficial education. Ernie and Liezl Els embarked on a goal, in early January 2011, to create a service that would allow lower-resourced families of children on the spectrum in South Africa with free access to effective treatment.

The Ernie Els Centre for Autism believes that every child with autism can learn and deserves access to effective education. We recognize that every parent and family member plays an important role in helping their child reach his or her fullest potential.

“It is with BROADLINK’S gracious monthly donations that the Centre is able to hire a facilitator to work with our wonderful families. The Ernie Els Centre for Autism currently works with 130 families which would not be possible without BROADLINK’s support. “
Claire Youngman
Development Director – Ernie Els Centre for Autism