Broadlink, a leading South African telecoms provider of microwave, fibre, satellite, voice and Internet services are weeks away from launching its first Broadlink controlled and managed suite of enterprise satellite connectivity solutions.

Situated at Teraco Data Environment in Isando, Johannesburg, Broadlink’s satellite hub build will be completed in June: “We are very excited about launching our first wholly owned and managed satellite product offering. The commissioning of quality assurance will commence in June, with the intent of being ready to start selling our satellite services in July,” says Mike Brown, Managing Director of Broadlink.

Brown says that the continued infrastructure and geographic challenges in Africa have resulted in significant demand for enterprise-quality satellite services and solutions: “We are perfectly positioned at Teraco, which is vendor neutral and geared to assist companies like ours to provide first-world satellite services to our customers, businesses and other industry players that require access into Africa.”

In addition, Brown says that via NAPAfrica, Broadlink will be able to distribute its services to the Teraco community without incurring on-going last mile costs.

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